Questions about R410A certification

What makes R-410A certification special?

R-410A Certification is offered free of charge by the Mainstream Engineering Corporation in an effort to certify that technicians have the necessary training required to handle, service and recover R-410A equipment.

What are the licensing and certification requirements for handling or purchasing R-410A?

Any parties involved in the handling or buying of R-410A need to have either a Universal or EPA Section 608 Type II certification license

Mainstream Engineering Corp offers R-410A certification for free while other companies require payment for the same certification - what's the catch?

There is no catch. Mainstreamís R-410A certification training is the best program currently available for technicians looking to work with R-410A. Their course covers all service and safety issues related to R-410A, and is the only free R-410A currently on offer. Their reason for not charging is to encourage as many technicians as possible to take the course and become familiar with the handling and safety issues related to working with R-410A.

Safety issues with R410a

R-410A is a high pressure refrigerant with many safety issues that technicians should be aware of. A near azeotropic refrigerant, servicing cooling systems that use R-410A is different than what most technicians are used to with 400-series blended refrigerants. It is in everyone's best interest that technician competency levels remain high when working with R-410A.

How to get free R410A certification

R410A Training Questions For Certification

Does the EPA require certification to work with R-410A?

The EPA does not mandate R-410A certification. Some R-410A equipment manufacturers, however, require certification for technicians handling R-410A systems to protect them from potential liabilities relating to injury or accidental damage.

I already have an EPA 608 Certification - does that cover R-410A?

The good news is that it does. Mainstream's self study Section 608 course covers all the basics of R-410A training. It should be pointed out that our NO COST R-410A Certification program goes into much further detail than the Section 608 course and better prepares technicians to work with R-410A and R-410A equipment safely.

R410a Course updates and corrections

  • The following line in Editions 1-13 is incorrect: "Cylinders can become over-pressurized for several reasons. However, the primary cause is overheating." The correct line should read "Cylinders can become over-pressurized for several reasons. However, the primary cause is overfilling."
  • The proper color for R-410A cylinders should be pink and NOT light gray as written in the coursework.
  • The classification of R-410A for the purposes of evacuation requirements has been updated. As of yet, there has been no formal ruling by the EPA whether appliances using R-410A should be considers as "Very High-Pressure Appliance" or a "High-Pressure Appliance". Further investigations into the matter by Mainstream Engineering Corporation have determined that equipment using R-410A should be considered a "High-Pressure Appliance", and as such the evacuation procedures for all R-410A equipment should follow the standard framework for "High-Pressure Appliances".